• Were you a dancer who left the field for work or to raise a family?
  • Do you miss dance classes and performing?
  • Antonia Arts has the solution. Join us. 

​​Scarlett Antonia's 

Vaudeville Review for Seniors. Soon a preview showing and bookings available for this unique show offered for our seniors.

Next  one April 28 

 Studio Two Open Mic

Floetic Vibrations

Doors open at 7:30 at 925 south St.Peekskill

sign in to get your slot for presenting

10 minutes or 3 pieces 

$5 to cover production  costs refreshments a great to time to join the new vibration with Poetry, singing, dancing, Music, art. All ages welcome  for this special open mic.event. One of a kind with audience interaction 

  • Keep your passion alive
  • Don't stop now 

A new troupe of professional dancers over 40 yrs 

Now forming